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Nikki. 24. I am a rural social worker, just graduated with my MSW, about to begin working as a mental health professional in a therapeutic day care. My heart belongs to mental health, community based non-profit, play therapy, the gym, aaaaand my husband. My intentions are mostly pure. Striving to find balance in the craziness that is my life.
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This just happened. Whole wheat, Colby jack AND pepper jack, cucumber, and baby tomato sandwich….and bowl (read, can) of vegetarian vegetable ABC soup..something seemingly good for you, but is very very not. I know the difference, and knowing is half the battle, right? Yum, don’t care.

Dinner! Spinach, tomato, and beet pasta with peppers, onions, zucchini, and spinach… Om nomnom. Oh and the best part, wine! Vegetarian meals > feeling like shit. Wine > almost everything.