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Nikki. 24. I am a rural social worker, just graduated with my MSW, about to begin working as a mental health professional in a therapeutic day care. My heart belongs to mental health, community based non-profit, play therapy, the gym, aaaaand my husband. My intentions are mostly pure. Striving to find balance in the craziness that is my life.
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Today was my last day as Executive Director at Paces, Inc. To stave off my depression and anxiety about beginning the next phase of my professional life, I decided to TP my favorite co-worker and replacement, Camielle. I’m really going to miss my office :( but the board asked me to remain on as a “consultant” for one month and to become a member of the board after that, so I guess I’m not really going anywhere. Sigh. Big-life-changes. Can I please be a kid for forever?!