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Nikki. 24. I am a rural social worker, just graduated with my MSW, about to begin working as a mental health professional in a therapeutic day care. My heart belongs to mental health, community based non-profit, play therapy, the gym, aaaaand my husband. My intentions are mostly pure. Striving to find balance in the craziness that is my life.
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Anyone else watching the cross fit games on espn2? I’m OBSESSED! Too bad cross fit in Jtown is so f’in expensive :(

So, just thought it was about time for an update. Lost roughly 10lbs from change in diet and occasional work outs. Decided to take it a little further and begin some sort of fitness programy type thing. Decided upon Insanity, largely because I could borrow it from someone for free. Just completed day one…the basic fitness test…and holy mother of Jesus. I simultaneously love and hate Shaun T, but I am strangely motivated to continue, like legitimately pumped about putting myself through hell..because I know that Shaun T wants me to, and that somewhere, somehow, he is proud (collective awwwww). Ok so here are the pathetic numbers from my initial fitness test:

Switch kick: 98 (but super lazy)
Power jacks: 40
Power knee: 80
Power jump: 20
Globe jump: 7 (and I literally fell over)
Suicide jump: 15
Push-up jack: 8 
Last thingy: 30 

Two weeks till the next test, wish me luck!! Oh, before and afters in two weeks also, I promise!

P.S. If you are trying desperately to give up highly processed and refined grain products, such as pasta, but still have intense cravings for them (like me), simply google Miracle Noodle. It will change your world, scouts honor! Miracle Noodle contains 0 calories, 0 fat, pretty much 0 everything…with less than 1% carbohydrate. It’s made out of soluble plant fiber, so it’s practically the most amazing pasta ever. The company also makes a similar product in rice form. Above is a marvelous infusion of Miracle Noodle, steamed asparagus, and a ton of herbs and spices. Nomnomnom

It is currently the middle of week two of our vegetarian/veganish diet, and what do we have to show for it? An incredible amount of energy, a new outlook on the way we eat and the things we put into our bodies, and a shitload of new, delicious recipes! Oh, and the weight loss doesn’t hurt either…

Behold! Butternut squash, granny smith apples, raisins, and chopped almonds baked with honey, cinnamon, and vanilla. YUM!

Veggie stuffed bell peppers! Delicious vegan/vegetarian meal my husband prepared! Healthy and scrumptious..I could really get used to this healthy eating thing.

K, so Eric and I have been feeling the negative effects of the myriad toxins and crap we put into our bodies on a daily basis (alcohol, processed sugars, deep fried dead animals, etc). So, we have decided to begin a juice fast… Yep, you read correctly…all the fruits and veggies we can handle juiced to smithereens with the tons and tons of nutrients our bodies have been so incredibly deprived of. Excited? We are!

I know that none of my lovely tumblr followers give two shits about this little endeavor of mine, but I have to announce this publicly in order to hold myself accountable. Warning, I will be shamelessly posting recipes, successes, and progress stats, so if you’re not up for it, I suggest you unfollow me now!

This was our first pre-fast test run:
4 golden delicious apples
2 nectarines
A couple of handfuls of strawberries
And half of a lemon

And it was…excellent :)

Here’s to a healthier, happier me. Cheers!