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Nikki. 24. I am a rural social worker, just graduated with my MSW, about to begin working as a mental health professional in a therapeutic day care. My heart belongs to mental health, community based non-profit, play therapy, the gym, aaaaand my husband. My intentions are mostly pure. Striving to find balance in the craziness that is my life.
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Amen. In therapy, in your job, in life, in your skin. Own up to what it is you bring to the table, positive or negative, and evaluate whether or not it serves you and your best interest and progress. Cast off what is holding you back and embrace what you cannot. Self, are you listening?

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My new baby :) specialized dolce 8 speed beginner road bike! Eeep!

Ok, so here’s the deal. I graduated, got a big girl job, am married, blah blah blah. I can’t stand the thought that I might be becoming complacent, stagnant. For the longest (6 years to be exact) i have been working towards a goal. A big goal. And now that I have achieved it, I’m terribly afraid that I’m going to get lazy, lose that fire inside me that fuels me onward, toward the direction of my dreams, or whatever that fucking cliche is. I need progress, it’s what keeps me sane. So. Here I am, on the precipice of this new era of my life and to keep it fresh, I am beginning this project. It’s called 45 in 365 and I will be setting 45 personal goals to accomplish within the coming year. Some are very small, some are very large, 15 of them are cooperative goals to be achieved with my lovely husband, because growing together as just as important as growing separately. I just feel like it’s my time, my time to accomplish whatever the hell I want. Just because I can. And now I have the free time to pursue some interests besides social work and professionalism. I’m excited about the idea that we are never really set in stone, that we are ever evolving. If you are also at a place in life where you might need to refocus or do some growing, I encourage you to take this journey with me. You never know how much you are truly capable of until you have pushed yourself, and that is what I intend to do.

Hmg health expo today with work..we are so serious

Hmg health expo today with work..we are so serious

Ugh. Feeling like crap, starting another detox juice fast tomorrow. I wish it wasn’t so expensive to buy fresh fruit and veggies. You would think that with all of the disease and obesity rampant in the US, that healthy foods would be more affordable! What is wrong with our society that a giant family sized bag of dorritos and ice-cream is way cheaper than freakin produce that is going to rot if not sold quickly? I’m baffled, but that’s beside the point..starting fresh tomorrow! Yay!

P.S. If you are trying desperately to give up highly processed and refined grain products, such as pasta, but still have intense cravings for them (like me), simply google Miracle Noodle. It will change your world, scouts honor! Miracle Noodle contains 0 calories, 0 fat, pretty much 0 everything…with less than 1% carbohydrate. It’s made out of soluble plant fiber, so it’s practically the most amazing pasta ever. The company also makes a similar product in rice form. Above is a marvelous infusion of Miracle Noodle, steamed asparagus, and a ton of herbs and spices. Nomnomnom